Data Portal for Cities helps communities make progress towards achieving their climate goals by filling critical information gaps about their building, transportation and waste sectors by providing previously unavailable data drawn from national and regional sources.

Many cities want to report on their greenhouse gas emissions or begin climate action planning, but do not have the requisite data, capacity, or technical expertise to do so. This free online platform was developed by the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy with technical support from World Resources Institute. It contains a rich array of estimated city-scale data across different sectors (such as buildings, transportation and waste) that are easy for cities to download and use.

It uses credible and well-established standards and methodologies such as the Global Protocol for Cities to convert national and regional information to the community scale. While not a replacement for data collected at the city-level, the platform offers previously unavailable insights to inform local measurement efforts and shape their climate priorities.

The initiative is actively collaborating with national governments to make more information available to cities. Data Portal for Cities will initially provide information for over 30,000 communities spanning over 10 countries. By the end of 2019, we expect to provide city-level data for well over a hundred thousand communities spanning more than twenty countries and 6 continents.

The platform will be most helpful to officials in small and medium cities that have been unable to fill information gaps or develop a greenhouse gas inventory due to limited local data. The information provided by Data Portal for Cities is designed to complement inventory calculation and reporting platforms such as the ICLEI ClearPath and C40 CIRIS tools. 

Permissions & Licensing 

Data Portal for Cities is committed to open data and intends to provide information free of constraints and restrictions on use. Except where specifically noted, data and visualizations on this site carry the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (“CC BY 4.0”). 

This license permits unrestricted reuse of content when proper attribution is provided. This means you can download, share and adapt the data for non-commercial and commercial uses, so long as you provide appropriate credit and provide a link to the license.

Some data displayed on Data Portal for Cities were developed relying upon data provided by other organizations and may carry other open licenses or permissions. Source information is available for these data. Please refer to the original licensing and cite the original sources for these data sets.

Recommended Citation:
Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy. Data Portal for Cities. 2019. Available online at: http://www.dataportalforcities.org


For more information, please contact info@globalcovenantofmayors.org