The Data Portal for Cities aids cities in advancing toward their climate objectives by providing essential data on emissions from buildings, transportation, and industries.

Globally, cities are focused on climate action planning, setting bold targets for the coming years to adapt and mitigate. Effective climate action planning starts with compiling a trustworthy greenhouse gas inventory, enabling decision-makers to understand how to best prioritize efforts.
The Data Portal for Cities offers a comprehensive collection of estimated city-scale data across various sectors, readily accessible for download and utilization by cities. It also provides a simple, intuitive method for merging data from multiple sources into a unified emission inventory. In this process, cities can easily incorporate high-quality transportation data from Google and emission factors from CURB and IPCC.

Data is presented in a user-friendly format, ready for download and use in city planning, and is also displayed in accessible infographics, available to the public on the Data Portal for Cities.

The estimated data on the Data Portal for Cities are calculated using various country-specific methods, assumptions, and data sets. These are based on established greenhouse gas accounting and data estimation methodologies, specifically developed for this purpose.

The Data Portal for Cities is developed by the Global Covenant of Mayors, ensuring high coherence with tools, like CIRIS and ASAP of C40 and reporting platforms like those of CDP, and ICLEI. Cities that have developed their climate inventory using C40’s tool, CIRIS, can effortlessly upload their data to the Data Portal for Cities for further edit and for publication to the public. Similarly, cities reporting through CDP and ICLEI can easily export inventories from the Data Portal for Cities for use in their reporting.

Permissions & Licensing 

Data Portal for Cities is committed to open data and intends to provide information free of constraints and restrictions on use. Except where specifically noted, data and visualizations on this site carry the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (“CC BY 4.0”). 

This license permits unrestricted reuse of content when proper attribution is provided. This means you can download, share and adapt the data for non-commercial and commercial uses, so long as you provide appropriate credit and provide a link to the license.

Some data displayed on Data Portal for Cities were developed relying upon data provided by other organizations and may carry other open licenses or permissions. Source information is available for these data. Please refer to the original licensing and cite the original sources for these data sets.

Recommended Citation:
Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy. Data Portal for Cities. YEAR. Available online at: http://www.dataportalforcities.org


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